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Universitary Content

Since April 2010, I have been a professor at the Centro Universitário de Brasília (CEUB). I held the undergraduate courses (Journalism/Publicity and Propaganda) for more than ten years, until July 2022. And I am currently still in the postgraduate courses (MBA in Digital Marketing, Postgraduate degree in Communication Management in Organizations, Postgraduate degree in Communication and Social Networks). With my students, I have always tried to associate theoretical knowledge with practical application, in the elaboration and execution of content projects.

Below you can see some of the work developed during this period.

Sites and Webdocs

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Blog and Transmedia Magazine

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Subjects taught at CEUB

MBA in Digital Marketing: Audiovisual language and technologies for the digital environment - Audiovisual narratives for digital communication - Content management

Postgraduate in Communication Management in Organizations: Scientific Methodology - International Communication

Communication and social networks (EaD): Cyberculture narratives and contexts

Journalism Course: Writing for Print Media - Journalism Theories - Writing for Audiovisual Media - Research Methods and Techniques - Social Media - TV Broadcast Journalism II - Online/Digital Journalism - Media Criticism

Advertising Course: Production for TV and Film/Audiovisual Media - Research Methods and Techniques - Social Media - Language Analysis

Audiovisual Course: Hypermedia and interactivity - Audiovisual editing

Graphic Design: Creativity Lab

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Film Club Project Cine UniCEUB: far beyond the film

Screening of films followed by debates led by specialists, with six seasons from 2015 to 2017, on the following themes: national and international literary adaptations, narratives in dialogue with professional subjects, great names in the history of cinema , commemorative dates and great classics in the history of cinema. The project also involved content production by Communication course students, available on the websiteFacebook page.

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