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Work colleagues

"I met Carolina Assunção during my position as French Alliance's director in Brasília, when she took on the role of Communication and Culture Coordinator. I had the pleasure of working with her for 9 months between December 2020 and August 2021. I can say that she demonstrated great skills to develop an efficient and innovative communication strategy. I would like to highlight her spirit of innovation, her great creativity and her commitment. She contributed to the consolidation of partnership relationships that the French Alliance has with multiple entities in the cultural sector and played a key role to the success of several events held in person or virtually during this period. Carolina is an extremely engaged person, with a high level of demand and always with attitudes focused on looking for solutions. Due to her numerous human and professional qualities, Carolina won the unanimous appreciation of her colleagues at work."

Matthieu Bernard, Manager of International Cooperation in Culture and Education


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"Carolina was my teacher during my graduation in Social Communication at CEUB, Brasília. Her presence was very important in my journey. Whether for the depth of her academic and technical knowledge, or for her critical thinking capable of inspiring a constantly questioning attitude towards society, organizations and messages. She is, before positions and titles, a kind person who helps me understand how much I still have to develop and learn, without getting carried away by so many fads or vanities of the professional and even academic world."

Luis Pereira, Advertiser/Look'n Feel founder in Lisbon

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