List of publications

Articles published in scientific journals

ASSIS, Lilian Bambirra; ALVES, C. A.; MARTINS, Mariana Geisel; CARMO, Luana Jéssica Oliveira. Bildung and the 100 dollar bill: analysis of the film Slumdog Millionaire from the Frankfurtians' perspective. READ. Revista Eletrônica de Administração (UFRGS). 2018.

The rhetorical proof of logos in narrative fiction film. DELTA. Documentação de Estudos em Linguística Teórica e Aplicada (PUC-SP). , v.32, p.295 - 323, 2016.

Images of oneself on the movie screen: reflections on the Filmic Ethos. Cadernos de Estudos Linguísticos (UNICAMP)., v.55, p.67 - 84, 2014.

Narrate and describe: modes of discourse organization in fictional narrative film. Revista de Estudos da Linguagem (UFMG). , v.22, p.181 - 205, 2014.

The metalanguage in The dreamers: Bertolucci refers to cinema. Signum. Estudos de Linguagem. (UEL), v.11, p.33 - 50, 2008.

A study on time in Narradores de Javé. Txt (UFMG). , v.3, p.5 - , 2006.


Doctoral thesis (UFMG, 2011)

Argumentative dimensions of film discourse: rhetorical projections on the cinema screen

Thesis presented to the Graduate Program in Linguistic Studies of the Faculty of Arts of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), as a partial requirement for obtaining the title of Doctor in Text and Discourse Linguistics.

Area of concentration: Text and Discourse Linguistics

Line of research: Discourse Analysis

Advisor: PhD. Renato de Mello

Doctoral fellowship supervisor in France: PhD. Patrick Charaudeau

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Chapters published in books

A universal backyard as diverse as Brazil. In: In: Fragments of a country in the brand new Brazilian cinema. Org. Donny Correia and Joyce Pais. Snow Boneko Films, 2021.

Narrators of Javé et les récits oraux: identités individuelles dans la construction d'une identité collective. In: Discours et (re)constructions des identités - Interdisciplinary analyses.1 ed.Lille : Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 2017, v.1, p. 1-224.

Analysis of the film "No": film representations of political discourse. In: Analysis of Political Discourse.1 ed. Belo Horizonte: NAD/FALE/UFMG, 2016.

Photography, cinema and audiovisual from a discursive perspective. In: Converging aesthetic traditions. 1 ed.Goiânia: Editions Ricochete, 2016.

Rhetoric of the moving image: a possible approach? In: Image and Discourse.1ed. Belo Horizonte: FALE/UFMG, 2013, p. 73-88.


Pathemization effects on filmic discourse. In: Emotions in Discourse.1 ed. Rio de Janeiro: Lucerna, 2007, v.1, p. 1-335.

ALVES, C. A.; BOAVENTURA, Katrine Tokarski; FERREIRA, Luiz Cláudio. Esquina: multiplatform meeting in the journalism course. In: 50 years of pedagogical practice: UniCeub Academic Merit Award.1 ed.Brasilia : UniCEUB:ICPD, 2018, v.1, p. 44-56. 

ALVES, C. A.; MELLO, Renato. Discourse: reflections on the narrative organization mode and on the narrator in cinema. In: Language, text, discourse: between reflection and practice.1 ed.Rio de Janeiro : Lucerna, 2007, v.2, p. 3-234. 

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Master's thesis (UFMG, 2006)

Narradores de Javé: a semiolinguistic analysis of filmic discourse

Master's dissertation presented to the Postgraduate Program in Linguistic Studies, Faculty of Arts, Federal University of Minas Gerais, as a partial requirement for obtaining a master's degree in Linguistics.


Area of concentration: Linguistics

Line of research: Discourse Analysis

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Renato de Mello

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