I have always had an agitated and curious mind to understand the configurations of human relationships through communication and arts. This led me to engage, as a child, the practice of writing poems and thoughts, the study of foreign languages and the training in dance. Later, I chose journalism in television broadcast as my first professional experience. Driven by my constant interest for learning, I have also developed an academic career in intersection of  the phenomena of language, narrative, audiovisual content and art, supported by technological advancement. 

The ultimate goal in my career is to contribute to social transformation by science, communication and creativity. ​If I could select any analogy for myself, that would be the weird but interesting platypus. When we look at this mammal and oviparous animal, we can see a hodgepodge of the duck, the beaver and the otter. It hunts underwater and digs holes at its edge, but also devotes time to run on land, for safety.

My lectures, papers and reflections are addressed to discourse, media and technology from a multidisciplinary perspective. I am an ardent defensor of the union between theory and practice to construct knowledge. Instead of choosing either academic life or media production, I dedicated myself to building a bridge between them. In that sense, I have been trying to move from one area to another, taking the valuable luggage from each of these places to the other side, and vice versa. 

More about me: female platypus

The doctoral and postdoctoral internships in Paris were the most intense phases I have lived outside my country, and they changed my posture and my scientific views. As an academic, journalist and South American woman in Europe, my experiences have made me even more sensitive to issues like cultural diversity, education and media literacy, human rights and minorities. In twenty years of research, I've been seeking sources especially in the theoretical currents from the sciences of language, communication and information; as well as philosophy, especially in the fields of classical rhetoric and aesthetics; and contemporary sociology concerning postmodernity and network society, in three main areas:

● The transformation of discursive, rhetoric and audiovisual organization by virtue of new technologies, especially in transmedia narratives.
● The individual and collective identity representations in digital connected communication, in the scope of audiovisual media, gender issues and online social networks.
● The creation of journalistic, advertising and artistic content in the media convergence network society.

In the long term, I see myself working continuously on expanding my expertise in these areas by a mixture of theoretical, experimental and creative work. What moves me into this direction is the awareness that knowledge through education, science and art are the better ways to help improving the world we live in.