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I have always been curious to understand the configurations of human relationships through communication and arts. This led me, since childhood, to engage the practice of writing poems and thoughts, the study of foreign languages ​​and the training in dance; then to journalism and research. My main objective is to contribute with simplicity to small transformations, through science, communication and creativity. Furthermore, I am a fervent advocate of the union between theory and practice in the construction of knowledge.

In twenty years of research and content production, I have been looking for sources in the language, communication and information sciences; as well as philosophy, especially in the fields of classical rhetoric and aesthetics; and contemporary sociology, with regard to postmodernity and the network society. My life experiences have made me more sensitive to issues such as cultural diversity, decoloniality, antiracism, education, media literacy, human rights. What moves me in this direction is the awareness that building knowledge through education, science and art is the best way to positively collaborate with the world in which we live.

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